Guidelines for Student Learning


EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Givens Bible College Guidelines for Student Learning

Guidelines for Student Learning

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Givens Bible College
From Milk to Meat

Catechism *:
Laying the Foundation
Step #1

As a newborn babe in Christ, student desires the sincere milk of the Word of God, that he may grow thereby, Catechism is based on Hebrews 6:1-3, which lists six foundational principles. Catechism is a mandatory GBC prerequisite course.


Student successfully completes Catechism (six credits) and receives a Catechism Certificate.

Step # 2

Student has laid a solid foundation; now he can take other courses in order to build a spiritual superstructure, for instance:
  1. • Spiritual Dynamics *
  2. • Christology *
  3. • Sword of the Spirit
Student successfully completes six courses (18 credits) and receives a Primary Certificate.
Step #3

Student continues to be diligent in his study of the Word of God by taking more courses:
  1. • Music Appreciation *
  2. • Music Composition
  3. • Pentecost: Endued with Power
  4. • Power of Prayer
Student successfully completes 11 courses (33 credits) and receive an Intermediate Certificate.
Step #4

Student remeains steadfast, unmovable, slways abounding in his study of the Word of God:
  1. • Systematic Bible Study-Old Testament *
  2. • Systematic Bible Study-New Testament *
  3. • Tabernacle of Moses *
  4. • Redeemed from the Curses of the Law *
  5. • Understanding God and His Covenants
  6. • Evangelizing: How to Lead Others to Christ
Upon successful completion of all Bible College requirements (18 mandatory courses plus four electives, 66 credits), student graduates and receives the Adult Christian Education Diploma.
Life Application

These classes offered may be considered 'continuing education', but may also be taken as electives counted towards the Adult Christian Education Diploma. They are:
  1. • Biblical Discipliship through Self-Confrontation
  2. • Biblcal Peacemaking Princples
  3. • Financial Stewardwhip
  4. • Hearing God's Voice
  5. • The Lord and I: Living Single in Christ
  6. • Marriage: An Everlasting Covenant
  7. • Parenting with a Godly Purpose
  8. • Pursuit of Holiness
  9. • Seeking God's Best
  10. • Mighty Men of Valor
  11. • Vessels of Honor
  1. • English Grammar & Public Speaking *
  2. • Sign Language
  3. • Spanish
  4. • French
* Nine Mandatory Courses